tribute gift is a touching way to honor the legacy of those who have passed, and is especially meaningful to their friends, family, and loved ones. Your donation in memory or honor of a former classmate can be made by following this link. Tribute gifts of $10 and above received by September 10th will be included in the Reunion Program. You do not need to attend the reunion to make a gift in memory of a friend who has passed.

We would like to acknowledge the following gifts.

(Note: Females are listed alphabetically by their maiden name.)

David BriggsTeresa Briggs Clark
Becky Brown Bren Copple Boulais
Becky BrownJenny Fishel Gilmour
Becky BrownBecky Boyer Jerrell
Becky BrownJ. Anita Ray
Becky BrownNeda Wilson Ward
Kathryn Lee CassellCheryl Bear Bennett
Becky Hadley SmithBecky Boyer Jerrell
Becky Hadley SmithJenny Fishel Gilmour
Becky Hadley Smith Dee Fulton Ludlow
Becky Hadley SmithJ. Anita Ray
Danny HelmLarry Meadows
Alma Gayle Henson BodellCheryl Bear Bennett
Vicky Huddleston Dawson  Donna Adams Ladd
Vicky Huddleston DawsonTeresa Briggs Clark
Vicky Huddleston DawsonBecky Boyer Jerrell
Vicky Huddleston Dawson J. Anita Ray
Danny MeltonSam Newgent
Pam Meyer MillerDee Fulton Ludlow
Billy NapierDonna Adams Ladd
Janice Palmer WilsonDee Fulton Ludlow
Janice Palmer WilsonJonathan E. Palmer
Glenn SexauerDonna Adams Ladd
Glenn Sexauer Bren Copple Boulais
Glenn SexauerLarry Meadows
Betsy Simon BlaudowBecky Boyer Jerrell
Betsy Simon BlaudowJ. Anita Ray
Betsy Simon BlaudowNeda Wilson Ward
Charles Vernon “Fuzzy” TravisCurt Hribernik
Kurt David Van Fossan Curt Hribernik
Dick Walton J. Anita Ray
Brenda Winings BriggsTeresa Briggs Clark

Do you know of other classmates who have passed? Please use the Contact Form or email to let us know.